Designing Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Regardless of how much space you have to work with, having your own outdoor oasis that meets your individual needs is refreshing. It will take a little bit of planning, but you can turn your balcony, patio, or deck into the perfect outdoor space for you.

Determine a Purpose

Before you can get too deep into the creative part of designing your perfect outdoor space, you must first determine what the area will be used for. It needs a purpose, just like each room in your home. A purpose defines the space and makes it easier to make it your own.

Consider who will be using the area as well as whether you want an area just to relax or something more for entertaining. Consider the safety of your children and pets, if you have any. Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoor space.

Create a Layout

Once you’ve identified the purpose of the space, you can start creating the layout. This will include traffic flow patterns (borders, walkways, etc.), the placement of furnishings, and dividers (often used when creating a multi-use space).

Make sure you consider how the area will be entered and how you will move from one part of the outdoor area to another (like the grill area to the dining area). Don’t forget the view. You will want to place seating so that you’re able to look at something pleasing, which may be a focal point in the yard or the mountain landscape off in the distance.

Make the Most of Your Surroundings

Depending on where you live, you may opt to add a water or fire element (or both!). On top of the furnishings you add, you don’t want to forget about your surroundings. Take advantage of the nature around you, which is particularly helpful when determining how to create an outdoor living space on a budget. From creating a small sitting area where the sunrise can be enjoyed while drinking a cup of coffee to using hedges or other plants for added privacy from the neighbors, your surroundings can help define your space overall.

Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Haven

The above is a basic plan to help you design an outdoor space that works for you. Keep in mind that an outdoor space that works well for your neighbor or a family member across the country may not necessarily be the best option for you. Consider your individual needs, desires, preferences, climate, etc. when designing your space.

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