Hardscaping Services in Sparta Township, NJ

We are well versed in the art of hardscaping services in Sparta Township, NJ!

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscape encompasses so much more than just different types of hardscape features. These hardscape features are made from various inanimate materials. These may include gravel, brick, stone, pavers, or even wood.

Different inanimate materials offer a different feel to your landscape. We know how to pair the right hardscape for your space with the suitable landscape to make your property come to life.

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Water Features

Whether you are looking for something simple yet tranquil, like a small pond, or something more dramatic, like a waterfall, we can add this feature to your garden design to create movement, sound, and texture for a space that is both aesthetic and organic.

Steps and Stairs

If your property is at a steep angle, we can install steps or stairs that create transitions between different levels. These steps/stairs can be statement pieces in your landscaping design that give your space depth and dimension, build curiosity about the destination, or create access to other parts of the landscape.

We consider the property’s size, the steps’ purpose, and whether we should add additional features such as a landing, lighting, or rails. We evaluate the budget and work according to it. Whether you require a cost-effective solution or plan to invest a significant amount in the hardscape features, we are here to guide you and create your vision.

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We design beautiful patios with flawless construction. We will build the deck or walkway of your dreams. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of brick, the pure elegance that only natural stone can give you, or the simplicity of concrete pavers, we will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Stone Masonry

We offer professional stone masonry services to the highest standard, giving you a beautifully finished look to your landscape design. Allow our professionals to show you the variety of options that exist in stone masonry and how this type of hardscape can provide a classic or modern look to your design.

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Retaining Walls

We can sculpt your landscape with beautiful retaining walls. We offer various retaining walls that provide a different aesthetic appeal to your landscape design.

Our professionals will work with you to create the best possible plan for your landscape that matches your taste and vision. Some examples include boulder walls, seat walls, fire features, stacked stone walls, and modular block walls.

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