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Our qualified professionals oversee our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable maintenance crews. We are committed to creating, improving, and maintaining the outdoor life of our residential clients with expert landscape maintenance in Sparta Township, NJ.

Spring Clening

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring cleanups are performed once in the spring. Leaves, branches and other plant debris is removed from the lawn, planting beds, paved surfaces and other maintained areas. Fall cleanups are performed in the fall between mid October and mid December. Leaves, branches and other plant debris is removed from the lawn, planting beds, paved surfaces and other maintained areas. Lawn cutting is performed during the cleanups as needed. Debris is composted in the woods when available or debris is removed from the property.

Lawn Cutting

Lawn Cutting

Weekly lawn mowing consists of cutting the lawn, edging borders and beds and blowing off paved areas and decks. Litter and branches are picked up as needed.
Bagging lawn clippings is additional. This starts in Mid April and ends the second week of October. Lawn cutting after mid October falls under the Fall Cleanup service.



Double ground dyed hardwood mulch is applied in a light layer to freshen up existing mulch beds. Bed edges along the lawn and paved areas are deep edged with a shovel to sharpen up the border. Any plant trimming and granular fertilizer should be done beforehand. We typically use brown dyed mulch, however black or red is available for the same pricing. A non dyed hardwood, Cedar or Hemlock are available and priced accordingly.


Trimming and Pruning

This is typically performed twice a year. Ornamental plants are trimmed and pruned to control the size and shape of the plants. This does not include ornamental trees or larger specimens as specified in the contract.

Flea & Tick Control

Flea and Tick Control

The perimeter of the property and vulnerable areas are sprayed forming a barrier against fleas and ticks. Applied monthly April through November. Fleas and Ticks are a public health nuisance. They are not only irritating but carry diseases that are harmful to animals and humans. Ticks carry Lyme disease that can be deadly to humans.


Mosquito Control

This service consists of monthly perimeter/ barrier treatment to control mosquitos. Applied April – October. Not only are mosquitoes very annoying, leaving itchy welts, but they carry many deadly diseases.

Planting Bed

Planting Bed Weed Control

This service is performed monthly (April- October). Spot spraying and pulling weeds in mulched areas, driveways, walkways and other areas on your property. Includes gravel & decorative stone areas.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care Programs

The Basic Lawn Care Program consists of weed control applications (spring and spot spraying once later in the year), 1 grub control application and 4 fertilizer applications. The number of applications may vary based on lawn and weather conditions. This program maintains the existing turf with slight improvement.

The Complete Lawn Care Program consists of everything in the basic program plus the following: 1 overseeding visit to fill in bare spots in turf. Core aerating to reduce compaction of the soil by removing small plugs of soil which are left on the lawn to break down. This allows for more oxygen, water and nutrients to access the root zone. Soil pH adjustment to allow the grass roots to use more of the available nutrients. A soil amendment of Mycorrhiza is applied to aid in soil quality and root development. This will improve the turf’s thickness and overall health of the soil.

Change Design Features

For example, if you want to change the design feature and add mulch to your landscaping, our enhancement team will do that. If you have ornamental trees, prunes, or bushes in your landscape design and these need to be cut or pruned, our enhancement team will perform that service, too.

Refund Policy of work performed

When a client has concerns regarding the quality of work performed, provided it falls within the scope of the description of the work in the proposal provided, we will correct or redo the job. If after returning to redo/ correct the job, the client is not satisfied, we will offer a full or partial refund upon our discretion.

Refund on work not performed (maintenance)

If a client prepays for the season and needs to cancel due to moving or any other reason, we will refund the money for work not yet performed minus the proportional amount of the prepay discount. There is a $150 early cancellation fee to cover administrative costs as noted in the contract. The same applies for equal monthly payers, however if more work was performed than was paid for at the time, the client will be responsible for the difference.

Refund on construction projects

If a deposit is taken for a construction project and the project needs to be canceled for approved reasons, all or part of the deposit will be returned. A small amount of the deposit may be withheld for holding the project in our schedule if the open schedule cannot be filled. Monies will be held to cover any materials ordered that cannot be returned or reused and/ or to cover any delivery or restocking fees we incur. An administrative fee may be assessed to cover the amount of work performed to set up the project.

Warranty on work performed

We use high quality products and material which is installed according to industry standards. Even so, at times the materials installed may be defective or not perform or look as they should. We will replace or repair the issue assuming it is within a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the project.

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