How To Choose the Right Plants for Your Landscape

If you have been working on improving the appearance of your landscaping, the time may have come to start planting. While this may seem like an easy job, the task of choosing plants for front of house or the back of the house can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you ensure you choose the best plants for your landscape.

Plan Ahead

Before you just head to the nursery to buy plants, you need to know what type of plants you need based on the areas where they will be placed. Some plants require full sun in order to thrive, while others may flourish in the shade.

With that being said, determine the areas of your landscape where you will be placing plants. What type of soil is it? Wet or dry? How much sun or shade do the areas get? These are important questions when choosing the right plants for your landscape.

Consider the Plants’ Needs

Once you have identified the characteristics of where you will be planting, you have to take a look at the specific needs of the plants you want to buy. Pay close attention to the ideal growing zone, water needs, sun requirements, and mature width and height. This will keep you from buying plants that simply don’t work in your yard.

Characteristics of Plants

No hard set rule says you can only have one type of plant in a single area of the yard. In fact, it is recommended to get creative and mix and match different varieties of plants, as this will help add visual interest and dimension to your landscape.

Focus on the color, shape, height, and texture of the plants. To add some contrast to the landscape, choose opposite colors and different textures. A single color or texture can cause your landscape to look dull. When considering height, you can still mix and match, but try to avoid extreme height changes for a more organic look.

Keep things simple. Choose a few textures, heights, and colors, and then repeat those throughout the landscape. Too much of any one thing can cause the yard to appear too busy and cluttered.

Need Help With Your Landscape?

Now that you know how to choose the right plants for your landscape, you can start shopping. If you would like professional guidance, contact The Cutting Edge Landscaping in Sparta Township, New Jersey.