Best Time of Year to Work With a Landscape Contractor

Knowing when to start landscaping in the spring can be challenging to determine. Unless you live where the climate is relatively stable throughout the year, the weather can significantly impact your landscaping.

Every season brings the opportunity to hire a landscape contractor for different projects. It helps to understand the best practices for maintaining a property and how professionals can assist you.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Work With a Landscape Contractor?

Landscapers have established themselves as highly regarded year-round property maintenance services. Depending on your needs, you can work with a contractor at any time of the year.

Get More Done in the Fall

Most landscaping services recommend that you plan for any massive landscape makeover to be done in autumn. Here’s why:

  1. The temperature isn’t typically low enough to harm new plants, and it’s easier for them to retain water.
  2. Landscapers also recommend planting shrubs and trees throughout the fall. This way, they can establish their roots without also making an effort to grow new flowers or leaves.
  3. Working in cooler temperatures is much more comfortable than in excessive heat or cold, typically leading to more productive work,
  4. Any property cleanup can be done long before the first snowfall or frigid days arrive. A good service will collect all the organic debris to compost. This cleanup provides you and your landscaping service with a prepared canvas of a beautiful yard or garden to work with when spring rolls around.
  5. Make sure your landscaper marks any new plants, trees, or other greenery so that you know where they should be in the spring, and they aren’t accidentally trampled.
  6. The lawn can be fertilized in autumn to help it survive harsh winter conditions.
  7. Your service should prune branches back to encourage healthy, new growth when spring returns.

What Is the Best Time of Year To Redo Landscaping?

Each season has unique tasks that can be accomplished when you work with a landscape contractor.

While fall is the most popular season, there’s plenty of work to be done throughout the rest of the year. For the other seasons, your landscape contractor can offer services like:


  • Snow removal for both residential and commercial property
  • Putting up and taking down holiday decorations
  • Winter mulching to help plants stay insulated and safe during temperature fluctuations
  • Plan, design, and schedule landscaping for the upcoming year


  • Depending on your climate, this is the season to prune ornamental grasses
  • Prep any planting beds for the growing seasons
  • Treat grass with weed deterrent and fertilizer as needed
  • Seed any areas of grass that need thickening
  • Clean up any debris from winter and compost the organic material
  • Mow the lawn as the grass springs up
  • Clean and perform maintenance on ponds, fountains, and other ornamental features


  • Continue to fertilize and treat the lawn as needed
  • Mow the lawn regularly to keep a uniform, clean appearance
  • Identify and treat damage to trees, shrubs, or plants from insects or diseases
  • Weed removal
  • Trim bushes and trees after they’re done blooming
  • Follow up with areas of grass that continue to need seeding and fertilizing to keep your lawn vibrant and healthy

The Best Time of the Year To Hire a Landscaper

If you own property and have land to maintain, you can benefit significantly from working with a landscaper contractor during any season. While there’s much work to be done in the fall, you can also rely on a contractor to keep your natural spaces clean, well-maintained, and safe throughout the year.